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Losers United

ConsultingPosted by Anna G 2015-10-16 11:47:48

Had some time to myself last night, but instead of doing all the things I had planned I passed out on the couch. Woke up to the pling of a friend request on Facebook, confirmed, and fell asleep again! When I finally got up (to go to bed...) I noticed that my new "friend" had sent me a message (or so I thought), and it was a bit of a shock: I do not know this person very well, and yet it was like in the song: "Strumming my pain with his fingers, Singing my life with his words, Killing me softly with his song".

How could this stranger have guessed my feelings, I wondered, until I found my reading glasses and noticed that the "message" had more than 50 likes, and judging by all the comments a lot of "friends" had been equally touched by his very personal words.

I have another friend who says that she would never allow herself to appear to be anything but successful on Facebook (or any social media). Since she is a business woman she does not want to take the risk of losing any clients, because assumedly, nobody wants to make business with a loser.

And finally there is the guy who hates successful people so much that all his entries on Facebook are about his failures. Apparently he has thousands of fans.

I guess that in business and life alike, you cannot win them all. Do you even want to? Is it worth it?

Personally I too get rather bored by success. Inspired – maybe – but it does not grab me. I want to be touched, to laugh, cry and to be confirmed. Maybe that is why I am probably a useless business woman, I allow my feelings to blur my vision – and the No 1 Goal for every business, to make a profit.

I have my moments – when I feel strong, and if not successful, at least good enough. But many days I feel that I could join the Losers Club. I too could make a lot of entries filled with misery and failures.

Some would laugh, some would pity me, others still would be disgusted and make sure to avoid me, at least in business. But I believe that some would actually be TOUCHED, and say to themselves: “This woman is authentic, experienced and generous. I feel I can trust her, and to work with her I would never feel intimidated.”

I do not know, but I guess it would be rather a small crowd of fans. After all, everyone wants the underdog to win and not continue to lose?

But in the meantime – is there anybody out there who would like to join my club for losers? Losers United. I would love to hear from you, and to be touched.

So - get in touch! #filippastar (always a winner of course) and I are waiting.