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Playing shop

ShopPosted by Anna G 2015-11-22 15:21:35
Did you ever play shop as a child? I did, all the time. It was fun to organise the shop, with a counter, all the things for sale on display and to make the money. By the time it was ready to open and customers were called, we were already planning the next game. If the customers were not parents or other benevolent grown ups, there would ususally be arguments among the staff or between the shop keepers and buyers.

Like most other parents I have many years of experience from raising money for school trips and never ending seasonal activities for children. I am still not sure if it was primarily for the kids or for the parents. I have baked cakes, sold hot dogs and underwear to a fault.

Having a shop in a real world of tough competition, fast fashion and consumers who turn a blind eye to terms of production, is no child´s game. For some it may be satisfying to be creative when displaying the goods and to forever improve first impressions. Others may get a kick out of making a profit, or to see happy customers.

I admit I am not a sales person. I like to shop for a cause. I hate over consumption. I want people to think for themselves and especially before they buy anything.

But I love to make connections, especially where there was no understanding before. I love people to be fair to each other. I love people to take care of nature and those who have no voice and no choice.

I love it when you make a statement - whether it be through how you dress, how you use your money or your time. Yes, I love how you talk when something has to be said or how you keep quiet when something has to be silenced.

So - that is why I have a shop. On offer in my shop are choices. If you like, you can make a statement. You can make a connection with the women who have made something for you. You can be fair. You can take care. And it is my hope that I thereby will see happy customers! And if you choose to buy nothing, that is fine with me - as long as you had a good cause.

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